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2019 Range Rover Sport SVR - New Car Protection

This 2019 Range Rover Sport SVR came into the studio directly from the Dealership for our New Car Protection including STEK DYNOshield Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) and CQuartz Ceramic Coatings.

The goal for this client was Ultimate Protection for their new vehicle and that's exactly the package we designed, specifically tailored to their needs and planned use for the vehicle. Our client decided on our signature Armour Protection Package, a culmination of the services we provide in a package specifically designed as the Ultimate Protection for your Daily Driven Vehicle or Track Toy!

The Armour Protection Package is our daily driver and sports car/exotic car focused package gives the ultimate protection without going for our Full Body Paint Protection Film Service. This service is geared towards the enthusiast that loves to drive their vehicle. The vehicle undergoes an extensive prep process and Two-Stage Paint Correction to remove swirls and holograms that are present in the vehicles paintwork from manufacturing, handling, and dealership delivery.  Our Drivers/Track Paint Protection Film package is installed to protect all of the high impact areas on the vehicle. The exterior painted surfaces receive CQuartz Professional Ceramic Coating to aid in ease of maintenance, self-cleaning, and chemical resistance. The wheels, windshield, trim, and interior surfaces all receive their specific treatments.

As every project here at Naples Auto Armour, it starts off with a thorough prep wash removing any contamination like iron fallout, tree sap, and rubber to ensure a clean slate for us to start our protection process.

Once the vehicle is in our shop and under the lights we do a thorough paint inspection to find any damage or paint imperfections that need to be addressed prior to installing our Protection options. In this case, we found a few factory sanding marks, a few random isolated deep scratches, and minor swirling. These are all addressed on a case by case basis using the least aggressive methods possible. All trim and delicate areas are masked off for safety.

Now that the vehicle has been safely machine polished to perfection using our Italian made Rupes Bigfoot Machine Polishers we pull the vehicle back outside for another Safe Hand Wash Process to prepare for the Protection Services. When performing Paint Protection Film as well as Ceramic Coatings it is imperative that the surface is completely clean of all dust, polishing reside, and old wax residue left behind by past detailers.

Our customer wanted to prevent damage from occurring during its frequent daily driving. This SVR received our Drivers Package Paint Protection Film. Our Drivers Package is our most popular package that protects all of the high impact areas on a car. By applying Paint Protection Film to the Full Front End of the vehicle and adding the Rocker Panels and Rear Wheel Impact Areas, the vehicle is now covered from rocks and rubber that may be thrown up by its own tires during a spirited driving session or track day. This package gives the enthusiast a worry-free driving experience on the road or on the track.

STEK DYNOshield Paint Protection Film was applied to

- Full Hood

- Full Fenders

- Front Bumper

- Mirrors

- Headlights and Foglights

- Rocker Panels/Doors

-Rear Wheel Impact Areas

After our STEK Paint Protection Film installation is complete and has gone through many Quality Control procedures to ensure the quality meets our standards we then move on to the next stage of Paint Protection, wheels. We all know wheels can be the most labor/time intensive part of maintaining your vehicle, especially if you have a high performance car with big brakes! Our Wheels Off CQuartz Ceramic Coating Service is designed specifically to make your maintenance and ownership more enjoyable. No more heavy wheel cleaners and arduous agitation needed to bring your wheels back to life, a simple high pressure rinse and light soap agitation and your wheels will stay looking new!

We safely removed the wheels for decontamination and polishing to ensure a clean and bare surface for the Ceramic Coating to bond. Multiple layers of CQuartz Ceramic Wheel Coating are applied via Spray Gun. The wheels are then baked using our infrared curing lamps to ensure the hardest most durable coating. The wheels are then reinstalled and torqued back to factory specifications.

With the vehicle back on the ground we proceeded to apply our flagship CQuartz “Professional” Ceramic Coating which carries a 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, but an expected durability of 3-5 Years. Developed with the most discerning car enthusiast in mind, CQuartz Professional coatings have been thoroughly trialled all over the world in order to guarantee their performance and reliability in the harshest possible conditions. From the arctic cold of the Finnish winter, to the blazing summer heat of the Australian outback, CQuartz Professional has become the ceramic coatings of choice for detailers who strive to provide their clients with the very best in beauty and protection for their vehicles. Their latest formula is infused with an advanced fluorocarbon composite and SiO2 (quartz), with modified nanoparticles to provide an extremely reflective shine and deep, rich gloss that lasts for years! The paint will not dull or oxidize, surfaces stay cleaner and glossier, and clean up easier! CQuartz Professional also resists bird and bug stains, and a variety of environmental fallout!  Properly maintained, CQuartz Professional, once cured, will last for years, all while keeping your car glossier, cleaner, and easier to wash and dry!

Infrared Curing not only speeds up the curing process of the Ceramic Coating, the Infrared Baking hardens the coating to its maximum potential which it would not reach with normal ambient curing. Many ceramic coatings can benefit from Infrared Curing, but most companies do not possess the tools/space required or simply do not seek to achieve maximum potential for their clients.

CQuartz Ceramic Coatings are also utilized on the interior leather and fabric surfaces. These material specific coatings are developed to resist stains, dirt, jean dye transfer, and UV rays for years to come. When messes do happen, and they will, clean up is a breeze due to the self cleaning properties of the coatings.

To finish off, Naples Tint Company came in house to apply XPEL Prime XR 15% Ceramic Tint to the front windows which blocks up to 88% of infrared heat, UV Protection, and a Factory Color Match!

This project was done in collaboration with Detailers of Naples, and Naples Tint Company. This project would not have been possible without their individual help in respected areas!

We are SouthWest Florida's New Car Protection Experts servicing Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, and surrounding areas. If you are interested in what our services can do for your vehicle please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page, Call (239) 219-6993, or stop by our studio located at 2141 Flint Drive, Fort Myers FL 33916.

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