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2020 Acura RDX New Car Protection

2020 Acura RDX came into our studio with 300 miles for our New Car Protection Services.

This owner came to us wanting to protect her proud new investment. Frequent visits to the beach had her worried the paint would get chipped and tarnished quickly. We helped her decide which areas would be best to cover in Paint Protection Film to ensure this does not happen! She also opted for our Wheels Off Coating Service to ensure the wheels are easy to clean and resist having brake dust etch and erode the finish.

Once the vehicle was in our studio we noticed a few manufacturer paint defects (pictured at the end of the album) in the form of severe solvent pop on the hood and sanding marks scattered in various places on the vehicle attempting to remove dust specs in the paintwork. Prior to performing our Paint Protection Services, we performed a light machine polish to remedy these imperfections bringing out the true potential of the Fathom Blue Pearl paintwork.

Once the paintwork was sorted we then safely removed the wheels, performed a thorough decontamination process, and applied multiple layers of Cquartz Professional Services DLUX Ceramic Coating. The wheels are then reinstalled and torqued back to factory specifications.

With the vehicle back on the ground, we proceed to the application of STEK USA DYNOshield Paint Protection Film on the Full Hood, Bumper, Headlights, Lower Sections of the Doors, and Rear Wheel Impact Areas. These coverages were specifically tailored to the needs of our client and her frequent visits to the beach! Our client also decided to cover the Piano Black B & C Pillars in DYNOshield to prevent the inevitable scratching that happens in these areas.

After the Paint Protection Film installation is complete and has gone through multiple rounds of Quality Control we prepare the paintwork with an Eraser Solution to ensure the paintwork is bare and ready to accept our Sealant & Wax Combination. We applied Master Sealant & RapidWaxx to the Paintwork which provides an insane depth/gloss to the paintwork and provides mild protection against bugs, chemicals, and stains for 6-12 months! We also applied GYEON quartz Leather Coat to all interior leather surfaces and CarPro Fabric Protectant to all interior carpeting.

The result is a STUNNING new Acura that is Protected for all endeavors and will continue to reward wash after wash!

We are SouthWest Florida's New Car Protection Experts servicing Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, and surrounding areas. If you are interested in what our services can do for your vehicle please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page, Call (239) 219-6993, or stop by our studio located at 2141 Flint Drive, Fort Myers FL 33916.

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