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Unique Range Rover SuperCharged - STEK DYNOmatt Paint Protection Film

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

This 2016 Range Rover Long Wheel Base Supercharged came in for a unique service, we are using STEK DYNOmatt Paint Protection Film to transform the original Santorini Black paintwork to a Matte Finish! Originally designed to protect Factory Matte Finish options, it has become increasingly popular to use the film to create your own Matte Finish! STEK DYNOmatt shares their DYNO line HYDROphobe® top-coat technology. This Paint Protection Film offers hydrophobics and self-healing with the aesthetics of a smooth matte finish. You don't have to pay a premium for a paint to option or a sub par paint job. Feel confident your vehicle is protected, preserving your original paint and giving you the beautiful matte finish you deserve. It also carries the other same benefits of their DYNOshield like Anti-Contamination, Stain Resistant, Fast Recovery Self-Healing, Anti-Yellowing, and carries a 7 Year Warranty.

As every project here at Naples Auto Armour, it starts off with a thorough prep wash removing any contamination like iron fallout, tree sap, and rubber to ensure a clean slate for us to start our protection process.

Since this is a Matte Paint Protection Film, once the vehicle is in our studio we start by performing strategic disassembly of components. Our aim is to eliminate all traces of gloss that may show through edges or seams. For this reason we remove components like Grilles, Door Handles, Mirrors, Headlights, Taillights, and Trim Moldings. This gives us the ability to wrap and hide virtually every edge so that anyone who doesn't know this service was performed would believe it was a Factory Matte Finish! We performed a Custom Bulk Installation on almost every panel on the Range Rover to ensure maximum coverage and to eliminate any trace of gloss underneath. Bulk installation is the process of taking a bulk sheet of material and manually stretching and trimming for a true custom installation. While Computer-Cut Patterns are great from an efficiency standpoint and while protecting Gloss Paintwork, if used on an install like this you would be left with edges and panel corners showing gloss!

We installed STEK DYNOshield on all Pilars and Trim Pieces, which our client opted to keep gloss to offset the Matte Paint Protection Film. Our client also opted for STEK DYNOblack to be applied to the Mirrors to match the Gloss Black Trim Pieces. STEK DYNOblack Paint Protection Film retains all of the same protection against rock chips, scratches, insects, bird droppings, road oils, yellowing, and watermarks but gives a glossy black finish. Compared to traditional vinyl it provides much more protection and durability, as well as less orange peel and glossier finish that mimics real paint! Now that the Santorini Black Paintwork is fully protected, you can't forget the aftermarket Avant Garde Wheels. We protected the Wheels with multiple layers of CarPro DLUX Ceramic Coating to aid in easy cleanup and prevent harsh brake dust from etching the custom finish.

The final product is uniquely customized vehicle that is well protected for MANY years to come! The metallic glowing through the STEK DYNOmatt truly is a sight to see!

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